Feeling a little blah about social media?

Feeling a little confused about social media?

Feeling a little anxious  about social media?

Chances are at some point you’ve gotten through a busy workday only to realize you never got around to "post reel on Instagram" - and before you know it, it's been a month since you last posted. 

Showing up on Instagram can feel like an endless uphill climb. But I know that with the right strategy, mindset, and support in place, social media can be a powerful force for good in your business. With over 500 million active users, Instagram is the not-so-secret weapon of any savvy business owner - especially in the interior design industry. I’m here to help you harness its power and generate more buzz for your biz, so you can reclaim your time and get back to doing the work that really lights you up!

I Get It. We've All Been There. 

Feeling a little blah about social media?

i'm amber broder!

I've been on Instagram since I first got a cell phone at 10 years old. I started out running a photography account, and eventually became a skincare content creator for brands like Youth to the People, Sand & Sky, and Briogeo. I’ve helped companies large and small improve their content quality, increase their follower count, and build community. I have a deep understanding of what works well on Instagram and what doesn't. I know how to create content, cultivate an engaged audience, and most importantly, adapt to any changes these platforms throw our way (and they will).

Over time, I grew fed up with some of the shady tactics other social media “experts” encourage - like buying followers, posting a reel a day and mass tagging random people in your posts - and knew I could provide better service to clients without compromising my values. I started ABC Social Media Management® my junior year of college and never looked back!


nice to meet ya!
a few of my favorite things..

My favorite coworker is my mini bernedoodle named Bailey (he gets employee of the month. Every month).


I love to explore new places and have been to over 10 countries. Fun fact: I am a dual citizen of the US and United Kingdom! 


I’m a card carrying book nerd. I once read 600 books in a year (okay it was in 4th grade, but still, they had chapters!).


 When I'm not working on client content, you can find me at the barn! I have been competing in showjumping for the last 5 years and was recently champion at the National Horse Show.


Above all, we deliver quality work to our clients. We want you to love the captions we write, the reels we edit, and the leads we engage with - because we're here to serve.


It's a running joke that social media managers are logged in 24/7. But at ABC Social Media Management®, we don't believe we need to be glued to our phones to do a damn good job. Balance - between work and life, focus and play, and social media and real life - is integral to our work.  


Our processes are in place because they've been proven to get results for our clients - all while reducing the amount of time you spend on social and alleviating stress. But we're not here to give you demerit points if you don't follow the "rules" - which is why flexibility is a key part of our work with our clients.



The ground rules around here

Christy - Christy B Home

I had lots of hesitations before hiring a social media manager - I had already spent a lot of money to have someone get my social media started, but it was not effective. Amber is the first person I've worked with who has exceeded my expectations along every step of the way. We have tons of web traffic and I feel relieved, excited and confident. For those who complain about the younger generations today, I think they should work with Amber because they'll be blown away by her combination of work ethic, tech aptitude, and warm communication style.

"Amber Gives Me Hope for Gen Z!"

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Alex Berardi - Alex Grace Media

Amber was STELLAR. After our time together, I feel at ease about planning social media and like she cut through all the B.S. about aesthetics. Not only was our session so comprehensive, she also included so many references after our call. If I had a question - she had an answer and a download for that. I am confident the investment I made in this strategy session will come back to me ten fold.

"Amber is an Expert in her Field"

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Sam - Sam Delaney Digital

Her expertise is something I feel so privileged to have had access to. I was able to realize the error in the way I presented myself (DIY vs DFY) and make a change with her help! Amber knows what she's doing and is constantly learning more!

"Amber Absolutely Exceeded My Expectations!"

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Tiffany - Pretty Little Lifters

My Virgo self loved how organized Amber was! She asked me questions prior to call, recorded our call for me to have, and even sent me notes after to go over the main points discussed. I felt like I was able to get so much out of our time working together! feel less stressed about my social media content. I love knowing what I am going to post instead of debating between different ideas or figuring it out at the last minute. It was absolutely worth the investment.

"Amber was so easy to work with."

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...


Let’s connect + CollaB on the ‘Gram

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