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Whether you've just started posting on social media for your business, or you're a pro at all the platforms, take this quiz to find out what type of social media user you are! PLUS get freebies and resources exclusive only to quiz takers 📲

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You didn’t get into business to spend all your time creating content and trying to figure out how to grow your page. But despite how much time and effort it takes, you know you can’t just ignore Insta completely. You love it. You hate it. I get it.

If you’re tired of this roller coaster, I’m here to help. Whether you
want Instagram off your plate entirely, need some help with the strategy side of things, or are looking for some no-BS answers to all your questions about Instagram, I have something for you!

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Not ready to go all-in on management, but know you need a little (or a lot!) help figuring out the ins and outs of Instagram? Book a strategy session! In 90 minutes we'll take you from overwhelmed to Insta expert with a plan that actually gets results for your business. 

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Ready to never stress over your social media presence again? Good, because I’m here to handle everything from content creation to scheduling to engagement and more . So sit back, relax, and sip on something sweet—I’ve got your Instagram covered!

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Christy - Christy B Home

I had lots of hesitations before hiring a social media manager - I had already spent a lot of money to have someone get my social media started, but it was not effective. Amber is the first person I've worked with who has exceeded my expectations along every step of the way. We have tons of web traffic and I feel relieved, excited and confident. For those who complain about the younger generations today, I think they should work with Amber because they'll be blown away by her combination of work ethic, tech aptitude, and warm communication style.

"Amber Gives Me Hope for Gen Z!"

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Alex Berardi - Alex Grace Media

Amber was STELLAR. After our time together, I feel at ease about planning social media and like she cut through all the B.S. about aesthetics. Not only was our session so comprehensive, she also included so many references after our call. If I had a question - she had an answer and a download for that. I am confident the investment I made in this strategy session will come back to me ten fold.

"Amber is an expert in her field!"

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Sam Delaney - Social Media Manager

Her expertise is something I feel so privileged to have had access to. I was hesitant to invest in help, but after finding Amber, I know I made a great decision for my business. I feel confident AF going into 2022.

"Amber absolutely exceeded my expectations.

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

Tiffany Ragozzino - Pretty Little Lifters

My Virgo self loved how organized Amber was! She asked me questions prior to call, recorded our call for me to have, and even sent me notes after to go over the main points discussed. I felt like I was able to get so much out of our time working together! feel less stressed about my social media content. I love knowing what I am going to post instead of debating between different ideas or figuring it out at the last minute. It was absolutely worth the investment.

"Amber was so easy to work with."

Stop it, stop it (but don’t stop)...

I’m equal parts right-brained creative and left-brained analytical thinker, a unique combo that allows me to marry the art of social media with the science of algorithms . I’m obsessed with curating online communities, finding creative ways to showcase your business, and figuring out how to work with the algorithm instead of feeling stressed over it.

Through years of working with large and small brands, I’ve mastered the strategies it takes to show up successfully on social media without burning out.

Social Media Expert, Bookworm, Proud Horse Girl


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